There are millions of players globally in RuneScape

2014’s biggest update – the Elf City – was chosen by you in the very first poll of the year. It was shaped by you through several important polls, and then refined by you as we published the design documents; you can see them here, here, here, here, and here. Player Power also drove us to address the lingering issues with combat in RuneScape. Off the back of your decisions and opinions we added a Legacy Mode to the game, a move which pleased many fans of the older system, and we also reverted back to the 138 system combat formula which the majority of players preferred. We have an extremely diverse demographic of players, the majority of our players are aged 13 – 18 with only 8% of our players aged under 13. More than a third of our players are aged 19 and over.

First, RS Gold 2007 is accessible. A Java-based browser application, it’ll run equally happily on PC, Mac and the years-old laptop I installed Ubuntu onto for a lark. So kids can play without having to install anything, and even the most restrictive corporate networks will usually allow a nice bit of certified Java. Secondly, RuneScape is free. Or a slice of it is. Some skills, such as thieving and agility, aren’t open to guests, and the majority of quests will be denied anyone logging onto the guest servers. RuneScape has millions of players globally but the majority of our players are based in the United States. RuneScape is the second largest MMO in the US and is also highly popular in other parts of the English-speaking world. RuneScape is also available in French, German and Brazilian-Portuguese.

Graphics, The new graphics look much better than RS2 they are much higher detail (this also makes it that it glitches out or lagg if you have an older pc). Divination/Invention? I have put this one here but that might be a bit odd since divination is really useless atm, but they planned to have invention skill come out with it but the people voted otherwise. I like the idea of collecting – producing with 2 different skills like mining/smithing also have but I hope that invention will be a skill that will require divination stuff that you can’t buy on the GE so a skill where you actualy have to use divination to train invention.

While most video games are preparing to launch various rs gold events related to the current period of Easter, Cheap Runescape Gold For Sale takes against foot with the decision of the community, in a vote in which more than 100,000 players, acclaimed holding a humorous event Antics divine. It seems that rabbits and chocolate are no longer dreaming up monkeys and cabbage! Full details of this new event are available in the video presentation below, as well as the official press release as a result of this news. The mini-game Antics divine , available this week , will allow players to earn decorative items until Friday, April 25 .

If you’re coming into Runescape 3 expecting some kind of new era in the saga of competitive, combat-focused browser games, you might be disappointed. The combat system is basic, bare-bones, and not terribly exciting. It’s the same kind of action-bar, build-up-points affair that we’ve seen done over and over for the past fifteen years. But that’s just fine, because Runescape 3 is a game with plenty more to offer than monster-farming. Jagex is working to bring RuneScape to tablets by the end of the year, with Smart TV and console versions also being considered. When RS3 comes live on July 22, it will work on some Android devices already, yet it won’t be suitable for applying on iPad or iPhone. Even though the technology is potentially compatible with the iOS browsers, the user interface is still need to be improved for better experience! July 22 will also see the start of RuneScape 3’s inaugural community-driven world event, The Battle for Lumbridge.

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