The update in RS will bring a number of technological gameplay and narrative improvements

When someone mentions Runescape, I’m sure it conjures up some interesting memories for people who remember playing the original game. I first became interested in the game during the Runescape 2 era, shortly after the Grand Exchange came into being. What struck me was the free-form style of playing and how I could become pretty much anything I wanted to be – from an assassin with an affinity for crafting to a miner that could hit a bulls eye from 200 feet away. The quests and the huge community base at that time were also great points for the game. I’m pretty sure Runescape 2 sucked a couple years of my life from me, but I loved those couple of years just the same.

A Three-leaf clover necklace is an uncommon item won on the Squeal of Fortune. When worn, it increases gold coin drop amounts from monsters, and also increases experience across all skills by 2% while it has charges. A Two-leaf clover necklace is a common item won on the Squeal of Fortune. When worn, it increases gold coin drop amounts from monsters, and also increases experience across all skills by 1% while it has charges. The UI is one of the first obstacles any new player is going to run into. After selecting your initial class in the tutorial, most of the instructions are based around showing you how to navigate and fully-utilize the 2002-esque series of menus and pop-up context windows. It is decidedly old school, and yet somehow, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s a bit arcane, and yes, the game likes to draw a lot of attention to peripheral content like pick pocketing and crafting and gathering, but that’s just it; that sort of thing isn’t peripheral in Runescape.

 Buy RS 2007 Gold Combat isn’t everything. This game loves to encourage socializing and non-combat activities. RS3 will not be a fresh start with a new character. It’s a continuation of the current game RuneScape EoC, no stat reset, no transfer is necessary. RS3 is a major upgrade to the tech, visuals, audio, user interface, hi scores, website, plus a big campaign of new content where the players drive how the story evolves, but fundamentally it’s building on the same game underneath. RuneScape 3 is a big game update happens to RS EoC. The update will bring a number of technological, gameplay and narrative improvements to the 12-year-old game, including the transition to HTML5. Following is the changes RuneScape 3 brings to EoC.

Easter is the time of year where rabbits roam the meadows hiding chocolate eggs for children… But now RuneScape Easter rhymes with Antics divine thanks to the votes of nearly 100,000 players. When asked about the type of game content they wanted to see implemented on the occasion of Easter, which is a comic interlude or a traditional event involving rabbits and chocolate , 66% of the 100 000 participants voting preferred sprouts and monkeys in the classic theme of the season. It seems that the rabbit is not their favorite animal… Jagex, the developer behind the popular free-to-play adventure MMORPG RuneScape, today released comprehensive statistics about the cheap rs gold game and its highly successful launch of the new version of the game.

In the past 30 days, more than 300,000 new players have started their RuneScape Adventure and over 100,000 former players have reactivated your account . Overall, all players have spent an average of 600,000 hours on the day of the game. In other words, every day there are around 68 years of playing time together. The fact that it’s so hugely popular makes RuneScape a game that demands to be taken seriously. But from the first burst of pitch-bent MIDI trumpet on the title screen, there’s a worried smile on your face. A smile that you’d give a unicorn that trying to give you a neck massage. A smile that says “I appreciate what you’re doing, but I’m not sure this will work, and you really shouldn’t exist”.

With a network of level prerequisites and co-dependencies between the ability and crafting skills, there’s always something that needs to catch up. This trail of tantalizingly close numbers is pure brain-filling time-sponge. It’s one thing RuneScape gets right – progress may not always be meaningful, but it’s constant.

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