The Fifa 17 demo reveals The Journey mode, which allows you to follow the burgeoning career of a young player. Something to look forward to ahead of the Fifa 17 Coins release date next Tuesday!

In this year’s Fifa game, Fifa 17, the setup is a little different than previous games. There’s still the familiar structure of playing countless games of football with an entire roster of licensed teams and players, but in Fifa 17 EA Sports has added a story mode dubbed “The Journey”, in which you follow the career of an up-and-coming player called Alex Hunter.

Alex is a multiracial 17-year-old from Clapham, and has joined the Premier League under the guidance of his grandfather, Jim Hunter, who’s a former England star from the Sixties. It’s an interesting addition (“who thought a football game needed a role-playing story mode?”) but the setup is really solid, and one that sets the stage for some potentially great player-driven moments.

In the Fifa 17 demo, available now for download, you get a glimpse of how The Journey will play out. Starting in the Manchester United changing rooms on your debut with the club (the full game will allow you to select from over 20 Premier League clubs to play from), you’re thrust into a fully-fledged world of football, with well-directed cut-scenes and a dialogue wheel that’s reminiscent of BioWare’s work with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. It’s also familiar to Fifa’s own “Be A Pro” mode from years gone by.

It’s a surprisingly enjoyable way to play this year’s Fifa, and it’s better handled here than it is in other games which have attempted to flesh out the world around a particular sport – this year’s F1 2016 springs to mind as a game that tried its best, but still couldn’t quite hit the mark.

The fact that you can control Alex’s dialogue with teammates and the press allows you to shape him into your own character. Each conversation gives you multiple dialogue options, ranging from cool-headed chill to fiery ego-driven emotions, with a balanced option playing it steady in the middle. We’re interested to see exactly how that will drive Alex’s persona, and what consequences will arise as a result of Alex’s actions.

With each game you play, you have a series of targets to hit in order to further progress Alex’s standing in the team, and to boost his reputation in the wider world. There’s only one game of The Journey available to play in the demo, but it lets you either play as a wider team or by controlling only Alex. Whichever you do, you’ll have to use him – highlighted with an unmissable yellow circle above his head – to impress the coach and the crowd; scoring goals, pulling off impressive attacking manoeuvres, and dominating possession. There’s also a live rating box in the top right-hand corner of the screen, which gives you a real-time idea of how you’re performing – the commentators even talk about your actions and it gives a real sense that you’re there and exist on the field among some iconic names.

The Journey also gives the Frostbite engine the chance to shine. It doesn’t boast the visual bombast of EA’s Battlefield 1, but Fifa 17 is a looker; its finer details and more intricate flair come out in The Journey, where facial expressions and subtler animations are on show, up-close and personal. The voice acting itself is a little hammy here and there, though. EA Sports does its best to ramp up the tension, but it often comes off as a little over done and cheesy.

If anything, Fifa 17 just still isn’t as quite as fun as PES – the former’s control scheme is still a little cumbersome in the hands and PES, by comparison, thrives on its contextualisation of certain scenarios, thus enjoying a slimmer control scheme but one that makes incredibly memorable footballing feats achievable for even the most amateur of players. Still, Fifa rules the roost when it comes to thoughtful, tactical breakdowns of the beautiful game, and The Journey in particular looks like a story mode that may just be the best of its kind in the business.

still no good fix for Pokemon Go Bug of Why Are Blue Mystic Gyms Freezing and Crashing

Pokemon Go trainers are reporting that gym problems from a few days ago are persisting with many blue Mystic gyms. Some Mystic-controlled gyms are remaining under Mystic control indefinitely because no one can enter the gym and fight. What’s going on? After you read the story, let us know in the comments below if you’re having the same problem.

Here’s what you need to know.
The Glitch Doesn’t Appear To Be Tied to Phone Hardware. When you try to enter some blue gyms, the Pokemon Go app will crash. As soon as you touch the arena, the app may freeze or the gym will start to load and the arena will flash blue or white before it finally freezes. Redditor InsanePowerMe talked about the glitch he was seeing in detail here. This means that in many locations, as soon as someone from Team Mystic takes over a gym, they may be able to keep the gym indefinitely until the bug is fixed. (This also means that members of Team Mystic may want to jump on this opportunity.)

Using a PC emulator didn’t fix the problem for Redditor InsanePowerMe — the PC froze too. This indicates it’s a problem with the app itself and not related to phone hardware. Similar problems were reported a few days ago at all gyms. Pokemon Go‘s official Twitter account posted about the problem on August 29. Now it appears to be happening just at blue gyms.If you notice that a Mystic-controlled gym stays at the same prestige, controlled by the same Pokemon, for days in a row, it may be affected by this bug. But the bug isn’t happening at every Team Mystic controlled gym. Some player observed it in four out six gyms in their area.

One player posted that he had observed the glitch at the gym in Times Square. Other player posted that the gym closest to him had the same three blue players for four days, even though it typically changes teams every 20 minutes. The prestige has also been stuck at 6000/8000 since Friday. Every time he tried to attack the gym, he got an error message. Others reported similar findings, with Mystic gyms being completely inaccessible and staying on the same level and same prestige for days.

Meanwhile, a player reported that the bug kicked in after he defeated the last Pokemon in a blue gym. The gym showed an empty arena, and although he could still move, he couldn’t do anything else or even leave the gym. Another player shared that a blue gym near him has been inaccessible for six days.

Right now there doesn’t seem to be a good fix for the bug. If the game freezes while you’re in a Mystic gym, you’ll have to restart your Pokemon Go app.

PikaZOO Event Brings Record Numbers to Birmingham Zoo

There are new species of Pokemon at a zoo in Birmingham.The Zoo staff didn’t expect them, and we don’t know much about them yet, but people are flocking over by the thousands to see them. You guessed it – there are Pokemon everywhere at the Zoo, and on Thursday, August 25, more than 3,000 guests visited the Birmingham Zoo for PikaZoo, a special nighttime Pokemon Go event. Attendees were noted to have filled up their Pokedex with a variety of Pokemon during the event, including rare and highly evolved Pokemon. Gyarados, Primeape and Dragonair were the catch of the dayfor several excited fans.

The entire Zoo was open to the public, and special Pokelures were set within the game to bring more creatures to the Zoo for guests to catch. Guests were able to hatch Pokemoneggs while riding the Zoo’s train. A variety of contests took place during the evening,including a Level Up Contest to see who advanced the most in the game during the event, a Best Screen Shot Contest to see who took the best photo of a Pokemon at the Zoo, and a hunt in the Zoo to find free video games placed by Gamestop. In addition, Gamestop also provided music by DJ Jibbles, charging stations for guests to charge their playing devioces, giveways, Wii U contests and more.

While the Brimingham Zoo’s focus is on real, live wild animals, if these digital visitors are here to stay, there will be hosting another PikaZOO event in September.Keep a eye on our website for the further news on PikaZOO event.

Niantic starts to crack down on Pokemon Go cheaters

Pokemon Go is a massively popular game which blurs the boundaries between virtual space and real space. It is breaking download records with over 20 million downloads since it was announced on July 6. It quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile apps, reportedly having been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. The game encourage people go outside and enjoy the real world. It really works! You can see more and more people walking in the street and capture the virtual creatures with their phones. But this phenomena also caused many traffic accidents and violent events. Some people do not like to do sports so they choose to capture Pokemon with Pokemon Go Bots. It’s a common cheating way.

By design, Pokémon Go requires players to get outdoors to actually discover Pokémon and take on gyms in the real world. That’s how Niantic differentiates the mobile game from its handheld role-playing game brethren. It’s also why some players have devised other ways to play the game, ones that wouldn’t require any physical activity whatsoever. Enter bots, programs designed by coders that, in essence, play Pokémon Go for you. Pokémon Go Account “The user first provides a latitude and longitude as a starting point (the center of any major city is a good place to start) and some Pokémon Go account credentials to authenticate with the servers,” Ars Technica reports.

“The bot then finds any nearby Pokémon (using those previously discussed mapping functions) and simulates a ‘walk’ to the nearest one by sending spoofed GPS coordinates to the server at appropriate intervals. When the bot gets close enough to a Pokémon, it can use a simple API call to quickly catch it before moving on to the next target.”  That’s how Pokémon Go bots works. Nitantic has prevented the cheating way a lot times, even Pokemen Go has removed the PokeVision tracking system, but the hackers always break their system.

People can not stop using convenient cheating program. Pokemon GO developer Niantic made the shocking announcement that they’ll be banning certain players from playing the game. We’re just biting our nails wondering if all our hard work and unhatched eggs are going to go to waste! So why is Niantic banning players? Niantic is cracking down on cheaters who are trying to modify the game, and banning them from the game. Cheap Pokemon Go Account Unless you’re one of the people making the game unfair for everyone else, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here are the violations of Pokemon GO‘s terms of service that will get you banned from the game, per Niantic:

“This includes, but is not limited to: falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software. Though clever members of the Pokémon Go developer community will likely continue to try to stay one step ahead of Niantic, the company has made it clear it’s committed to weeding out cheating in the game. “We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system,” the company says.

The mistake of Pokémon Go players got Articuno has been solved

Pokémon Go is a wildly popular game all over the world. The game allows people travel between the virtual world and real world. Players can catch Pokémon in real world by their phone and use Pokémon in battles. People traverse cities and meet real-life fellow gamers along the way. Pokémon Go is a way to have people from these different neighborhoods come together. Players come with diverse groups of people can interact with one another while playing the game. It blur the boundaries between virtual space and real space. The game encourage people go outside.

Pokémon is the main date in Pokémon Go. Everyone wants to get a useful Pokémon to win the battles and level up. Yesterday we reported that Articuno, a rare and legendary Pokemon, had been found for the first time in Pokemon Go. We managed to get a few quotes from a Niantic spokesperson who suggested, at the time, that the Pokemon had been found with a hack. Cheap Pokemon Go Account Legendaries are supposed to be the rarest, most unique monsters available in Pokémon Go; the sorts of creatures you would expect to only show up during special events announced by Niantic.

But after almost a day of extreme infighting in the Pokemon Go community, with many claiming that the players who had obtained Articuno (and at this point it’s clear that there’s more than one) had cheated or hacked the game. One individual claimed that the Articuno was a gift from Niantic for an issue she had with her account. This preceded violent threats and a shocking amount of community squabbling, with many saying that Pokemon Go would be “ruined” if legendaries were available so easily.

Her statement, backed by a video stream with proof of the Articuno on her account, infuriated many who felt that they had been slighted by Niantic. The past couple of weeks Pokemon Go has struggled to remain stable and Niantic has taken a few of the game’s key features out — like Pokemon tracking — to many fans’ frustration. Recently we asked Niantic to clarify and provide what additional information they could, but they have not yet responded. Buy Pokemon Go Account Now we have an official statement from Chris Kramer, VP of Fortyseven Communications, one of two firms that handles Niantic’s public relations.

“We recently noticed that a few Legendary Pokémon got into a few accounts when they shouldn’t have. To preserve the game’s integrity and as a measure of fairness, we have rectified the situation and revoked the legendary Pokémon from the Trainers’ accounts.” This statement suggests that, whether it was a glitch or error, the players who got their Articunos weren’t hacking and that these Pokemon had to be removed from the account. This dispels a popular hypothesis from some players that suggested that players were using reskins or man-in-the-middle hacks to intercept data and spoof a common Pokemon like a Pidgey as the rarer Articuno.

You will have to overcome countless obstacles in Runescape game journey

During your Runescape game journey you will have to runescape gold overcome countless obstacles , you will meet unbeleivable creatures and yo will perform couragious missions. You will encounter others along the way, players just like you, some of them will be your competitors, some of them enemy and you may also find some friends… But one thing you have to know and be well aware of – in order to advance and to thrieve in this game, you must have money ! If you’re after a change of pace then the many and varied dungeons should help you out.

For the most part they’re fun and the sense of playing with a party is more rewarding than playing solo as always, even though there doesn’t seem to be a significant amount of synergy between the classes or skillsets. Runescape game come with a few issues as well, however. When you play this game you can aquiere Runescape game items when performing missions or different activities and you can trade them on the Grand Exchange – or as it is called in the game, you can flip.

Runescape game are fantastic at making games that people don’t know they want. Herbs and herb seeds – Pick these up! Especially the seeds, as they stack. You could then either grow them between slayer tasks or trade them with a farmer to get more herbs. Not only will this benefit your herblore level, it will also, eventually, give you another form of profit – super sets, prayer potions and super stat restores, and although it’s technically not slayer making you this money – slayer got you there.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer fits comfortably into that category, being another title that lets you customize and create with a toolset that steadily expands, not unlike Super Mario Maker. It’s also needlessly cute in true Animal Crossing fashion. From the moment the title screen pops up, you’re barraged with cute characters, colourful environments and catchy music that really adds a ton of charm to the game. Runescape game system is interesting – you unlock decorations that directly relate to the animal’s house that you’re decorating. Runescape game Decorating a boxer’s house?

Before you begin, he’ll give you decorations like a boxing ring. It’s a simple system but it makes sense and pushes the player to decorate houses of people for what they unlock. You’ll also be able to decorate the town’s facilities – the school, shop, cafe and hospital. But in order for you to be able to purchase all the Runescape game items you desire and to become the mediaval fantasy heroe of your dreams, you must have gold. It doesn’t matter if you play Old School RuneScape or RuneScape 3, if you want to be in the fore front of this magical game , to ease your avatar’s life and to overcome almost any competition, you must have gold coins.

Just like in the real life – if you cheap rs gold want to keep up with the Runescape game demands of existence you must have money in hand. Most important in Runescape game , you have to remember Runescape game never to trust anyone who will try to sell you OSRS or RS3 gold in chats or forums. If you don’t have a reliable friend who can guide and assist you when you want to buy runescape gold, better to search for a relible and experienced website , then to fall victim to fraudlent traiders on the forums or chat rooms.

RuneScape relies on RuneScape’s legacy model

Jagex believes fans are passionate about the world. So why not give players a way to be in the world even when they can’t be in the world? As an MMO, RuneScape takes quite a bit of dedicated effort and time to experience fully. After all, it has 15 years of content, which comes out on nearly a weekly basis. Players short on time aren’t going to get very far. Jagex and the team behind the insanely popular RuneScape were a founding partner of GameBlast,” SpecialEffect founder and director Mick Donegan said.
So far their staff and fanatical communities have raised rs gold over £120,000 for SpecialEffect and that’s helped us put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. It’s an interesting idea that’s meant to create a world of cutthroat capitalists, with fleeting alliances for profit and betrayal, but a lot of the trouble I ran into was by accident, like the player who attacked me when she misclicked. The problem with RuneScape is that everyone misclicks.

RuneScape relies on RuneScape’s legacy model, which means that combat, interaction, and movement all rely on clicking your left mouse button somewhere on the screen. Mistakes happen, and happen frequently in crowded areas. It doesn’t help that RuneScape’s incessant lag leaves most encounters looking like stop-motion animation even in the low traffic hours of the early morning.
In fact, a month in, a good number of players seem to live by an ad-hoc code, which contrasts sharply with reports of mass slayings at the spawn-in points for new characters during the game’s launch last month. Now that the novelty of killing newbie players where they spawn has worn off, there’s a touch of civility mingled in with the chaos.

For two decades investment surged into China, initially capitalising on cheap labour, and then in an effort to tap the flourishing Chinese market that was growing at near double-digit rates annually. But China’s slowing growth and the mounting pressure of debts accumulated during the boom has turned the tide, and Chinese corporations are seeking the lower but relatively more stable returns of investments abroad. Just as RuneScape players battle monsters in the realm of Gielinor.

Shandong Hongda has found itself at the mercy of forces beyond its control. Flush with cash during the commodities boom, Chinese miners expanded aggressively, then saw margins shrink as a slowdown in growth pummelled ore prices. I once saw a roving band of high-level players in the lawless zones as I attempted a run from one bank to another with a fairly low-level hero, only to watch them pass within combat distance without so much as glancing at me.

Cody Vigue, a level designer and writer for Hyper rs gold for sale Hippo, put it to me this way: “An epic three-hour dungeon raid, for example, isn’t the sort of thing you can do while waiting for a bus. [But] idle games are extremely schedule-friendly. They are one of the only kinds the only kinds of games you can play for 30 seconds and get a tremendous sense of fun and engagement.” Basically, he says, it’s snack food gaming you want to go back to multiple times a day.

You will know more about Runescape game

Remember that ridiculously addictive Gwent card game that every NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seemed to be obsessed with playing? Well, developer CD Projekt Red clearly loves it just as much as its fans, as they’re seemingly in the process of creating a spinoff title for it. The Old School RuneScape tournament, Deadman Mode and slayer monsters are all part of a wider summer spectacular across the RuneScape family, which started with this week’s arrival of Tuska – the World Eater – in the main game.

Established in 2001 with its flagship free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, Jagex has created a long-standing reputation for crafting the world’s best online games services.  Today the company stands as one of the UK’s largest independent games developers. Jagex prides itself on developing and publishing hugely popular, accessible online games for millions of players globally.

Back in November I got to see the new rs 07 gold game from Jagex, Chronicle: Runesape Legends. It was not what I’d expected at all. Chronicle is a collectible card game, like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, or at least that’s what I’d thought – that Chronicle was going to be essentially the Runescape version of Hearthstone. I know just enough about card games to know that Hex is as involved as it gets. It renders my experiences with The Witcher 3’s TCG gateway drug, Gwent, akin to a toddler pushing blocks through holes of their corresponding shape.

Its thousand-strong deck, deep RPG elements and formidable campaign place it in entirely different territory to monolithic CCG Hearthstone, and its clever subversion Chronicle: Runescape Legends. I’m a bit scared of it, actually. For one thing, you don’t battle other players. Instead, you play against yourself. You lay the cards from your hand in the path of your hero and leave your hero to fight them for the rewards the cards will drop. I choose to create a Vennen Cleric as my champion, for example, thinking his various defensive bonuses would offer a kind of crumple zone for my ineptitude.

What I quickly learned is that to make the best use of this, and any, rs gold for sale champion build, you need to play in a very specific way. In my case, by filling the opponent’s deck with spider eggs to minimise their chances of drawing useful or powerful cards. Then, by playing cards with special abilities that affect the spiderlings that hatch from those eggs so that i can draw more of my own cards and minimise the opponents options. Coming to the world of TCGs basically afresh, that’s a very esoteric mindset to get into, and it tells of the numerous other specific tactics I have no idea about yet. And that’s exciting.

The final stage of the game sees you and the other player face off in a duel. It’s there that you hope to have picked up enough gear, buffs, and health to defeat the other player. As spotted by website NerdLeaks (via VideoGamer), a trademark has been filed with “class 9 and 41 into the European Union Intellectual Property Office” which pertains to the video game and software categories and includes what is presumed to be the game’s official logo (below).

Jagex is developing new RuneScape branded games

RuneScape. Celebrating its 15th Year anniversary in 2016, RuneScape has welcomed over 245 million players to its world and more than two million of them play every month, while millions more watch avidly through social channels. In addition to RuneScape, Jagex is developing new RuneScape-branded games as it enters additional genres, including Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, an adventure strategy card game, and RuneScape: Idle Adventures created in partnership with Hyper Hippo, the developers of cult hit Adventure Capitalist. Jagex employs over 320 people at its Cambridge headquarters.

Chronicle is expected sometime next year on runescape gold PC and Mac, as well as tablets and phones. The latter will presumably mean a break from the browsers that’ve been Jagex’s platform of choice to date. Runescape Legends differs from the CCG pack in one fundamental way: instead of playing cards for your opponent to face, you play cards for your own character to face. Rather than attempting to deal direct damage to your opposite, the bulk of gameplay revolves around you buffing your character, or Legend, by creating what is essentially a mini quest for them to complete using the cards in your deck.

At the end of each round – which plays out on a delightfully twee virtual tabletop – the opposing Legends will come into direct combat, whittling down each other’s overall health a little before the next round begins. Cards you place down for your Legend sometimes have simultaneous effects on your opponent’s health or resources as well, resulting in a baffling number of variables at any given stage of the battle. The cards themselves will bring plenty of fond memories back to players of Runescape in all of its various incarnations, with party hats and disguised penguins in amongst cards like imps and barbarians.

Delivering the most skill-orientated card game to date, Chronicle is a game of grand strategy and one where your own cards can not only be your greatest ally but also your deadliest enemy. rs 07 gold Chronicle is all about survival of the smartest and it’s the PvP-meets-PvE questing that gives Chronicle a competitive core, making a fun mechanic into a truly compelling evolution of the genre. Customization systems will also be available in the Open Beta. You’ll finally get the chance to customize your own legend which, upon leveling up, will gain further customization to set yourself apart from your rivals.

Chronicle’s Skilling system will add to this array of customization within the game. Every action you perform in-game will grant XP. As skills progress, you’ll unlock a variety of stylish titles for your legend to display. Those who like to see their name on a leaderboard will get their chance at glory. These leaderboards will shine a light on players that make up the best of Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues. Played in the closed beta and hoping to see some aesthetic changes? Well, luckily for you, two new locations will be added for the Open Beta – The Wilderness and Barrows.

With Open Beta comes a host of improvements and new features – with one of the most exciting being the launch of the draft mode: Dungeoneering. Draft a deck from a pool of 15 Card Packs, and then head into the 1v1 arena to test your wits in a thrilling game of deck building & risk taking. Players select cards to place along their avatar’s path to be encountered in order. As they fight monsters and gain loot, their opponents will do the same, sometimes clashing in battle with each other. If both players survive through five rounds, they face off in a final duel to the death!

The character creator is also a bit easier than what you’ll find in games

The golden age of MMORPGs is over. Black Desert is on the decline and no other title has ever been able to pull in its numbers–or even get remotely close to doing so. EverQuest Next is cancelled, and WildStar developers Carbine Studio announced another round of lay-offs. In spite of the genre’s diminishing popularity, a few studios are still attempting to reinvigorate it with new entries. If you’re wondering how quickly this is all happening it’s because BDO was released in Korea back in 2014 and only just released in Europe and North America at the beginning of March.

However, news of the expansion so soon after the main game’s release has surprisingly been met with a mixed bag of reactions from the community who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure and disbelief at the timing of this free release. The Black Desert Online opening cinematic is here to tell you exactly what is going on in ponderous, exhaustive tones straight from B-grade Saturday morning anime. For some reason it’s narrated by Tay Zonday—yes, the chap who sang Chocolate Rain. It’s causing some concern, particularly as one of the highlights for the final closed beta test is the addition of voice acting.

You’ve probably heard of Black Desert Online because of its absurdly beautiful character creator. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can create some amazing-looking characters in BDO. The character creator is also a bit easier to manipulate than what you’ll find in games like Fallout 4. Pearl Abyss deserves some applause for developing a character creator more flexible and easy to use than some major studios.  It has been a long time since updates on “Black Desert” surfaced and while Pearl Abyss continues its development, the game’s release date remains on 2016. PS4 and Xbox One versions will follow suit shortly.

The Korean MMORPG has been in development to increase distribution worldwide since it has been revealed in 2013. Initially a PC game, “Black Desert” fans are now looking forward to bdo daum cash account a release date announcement for PS4 and even Xbox One. Now that the bumps have been mostly ironed out and Daum Games’ massively multiplayer role-playing game is available to the general public, it’s time to take a look at what exactly all of those painstakingly-crafted characters are doing inside the world. Unlike previous iterations of the game, Black Desert Online in the West requires a one-time purchase to play (like Guild Wars).

Since folks have to shell out at least $30.00 to gain access, I made the video atop the post in order to give them an idea of what to expect. Come “Black Desert” release date, gamers will experience an MMORPG a fantasy world that brings together nations in conflict and the system of parkour. Pearl Abyss’ Brian Oh revealed details behind the creation of “Black Desert” and how it is different to the existing MMORPGs in the market.

“Early in the development of Pearl Abyss, we aspired to create an entirely different game from typical MMORPGs available today, including the rendering of art and graphics,” Oh told MMOCulture. Black Desert Online’s strong visual presence is probably helping bring new players into the game, but what they find under the all the shine is what will determine if they stay with it or not. black desert daum account The problem is if you didn’t know where to find that info or you ran into a troll, your experience wasn’t a pleasant one.